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What is a doula? And what’s in a doula fee?

A doula is a rare and magical creature that provides continuous

support during pregnancy, labor and the early postpartum

period. professional labor support to women during the

childbearing years. Her role is

to provide a loving, non-judgemental environment for

mothers to give birth. A doula uses relaxation techniques,

encouragement, massage, and physical support. She offers her

deep understanding and knowledge of pregnancy and the birth

process when you have questions or concerns.

I love being a doula. I love supporting new and growing

families. I love how it makes me feel. I love how it makes the

mom feel. I love witnessing a baby coming into the world. This

work was meant for me. I love what I do!

I have been asked numerous times over the past several years,

“why do you charge so much”? Aside from the obvious cost of

my doula training, books, advertisement (brochures, website,

business cards, ventering at events) continueing education,

workshops and materials for keeping my birth bag stocked. There

are so many other hidden costs to take into consideration.

• consultation on average is 1-2 hours

• 2-3 prenatals that are on average 2-3 hours each

• travel time to prenatals, the birth and postpartum visit can

range 30-60+ minutes each way

• the birth can easily be 10+ hours and most first time

moms average 24 hours are more

• on call starting at 38 weeks until the birth, can you really

put a time on that?

When I’m on call, I never leave home without an extra set of

clothes, my birth bag, my camera, my cell phone and charger. I

make sure I always have cell service, or that I’m near a landline

that my client can reach me on. I don’t travel more than 1.5

hours away from where the mama is planning to give birth. Most

times my husband and I take separate cars to dinner, a family

function or a sporting event. I have walked out of Thanksgiving

dinner, a birthday party and the movie theater to attend a birth.

Most first time parents think that a doula only spends a few

hours with them during their birth. As a doula, I consider an 8

hour birth as pretty fast. The average time I spend at a birth is

16 hours. Most first time births last at least 24 hours, and the

longest birth I ever attended was over 50 hours. I spend another

8-10 hours in prenatal and postpartum visits, and another few

hours on the phone or email and up to 7 hours of travel time

for each client. So on average I give each client 40 hours or

more of my time. I then have to pay taxes, deduct for vacation

and sick time, contribute to an IRA (doulas need to plan for the

future too), continuing education, communication expenses,

transportation expenses.

The birth of your baby is more important than your wedding

dress, the newest electronic device and getting a coffee a day at

starbucks for an entire year. Think of having a doula present at

your birth as the best ling lasting investment you will ever make.

My service area includes in and around Boston, Central and Western MA, including Amherst, Acton, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Groton, Lincoln, Newton, Northampton and Wellesley.

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