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Candy Sprinkles


Have you heard of Sprinkle? And not those tiny colorful sugar things you put on an ice cream cone, A Baby Sprinkle, a way to welcome your 2nd, 3rd or 4th baby into the world. I had never heard this term before, until a client of mine mentioned her friends were throwing her a sprinkle party! What a wonderful idea…..just because you already have older children doesn’t mean that this baby shouldn’t be sprinkled with love. Instead of  “showering” a mother with large expensive gifts, you “sprinkle” her with everyday necessities that she’ll need. The Sprinkle tends be smaller than the original baby shower,             with family a very close friends.

Budget Friendly Sprinkle ideas

BYOB: bring your own book! Get creative and instead of buying a card bring a favorite book from your childhood, or if you have children’s books lying around that you aren’t using give a hand-me-down instead of buying one. Don’t forget to sign the inside cover with your wishes for the new baby.

Give gifts that keep giving. Babies grow out of clothes so fast, so instead of spending money on new outfits, put together a gift basket of your favorite outfits that your little one out grew.

Have all the guests contribute to a potluck and save the money on having the party catered.

Include older siblings, adding a new baby to the mix can be exciting, but it can also be a stressful time for older children. It’s important to have them feel included. Give them a project they can be in charge of, like decorating a cake for their new baby or greeting guests at the door.

DIY. Pamper the expecting mom with homemade teas, sitz bath and sugar scrubs. Make her coupons that she can turn in after the baby is born. For example: prepared meal of your choice, wash and fold 3 loads of laundry, clean the bathroom, back massage, foot rub or take sibling on a day trip!

The sprinkle doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just a get together with friends to honor the mom and her new baby.

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