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I know it can be overwhelming sifting through all the different options for care and support through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We are blessed to have so many great options. I’ve gathered some of my favorites here to share with you.

Childbirth Classes

Here in the valley we have so many classes that are available for expecting families. Whether you want to take a Childbirth Education class with Vicki Elson, the childbirth extraordinaire who did the amazing documentary Laboring Under an Illusion or Jodie Castanza, the owner of Grow in Northampton, or if you are having multiples then Cory Ellen’s The More, The Merrier: Multiples Childbirth Education classes might work well!

A class on Thriving in Early Pregnancy teaches strategies for optimal health, energy, and emotional well being in early pregnancy.

Yoga and Movement

If you aren’t looking for a traditional childbirth Education class but want something a little different that teaches you how to move your body in labor with some humor added in then Creative Movement for Birth is a great option. I have attended this class a few times and it never gets old.

Just for Dads

Don’t worry, dads, there are some great resources available for you too! Boot Camp for Dads goes over topics like forming a new family, how to meet the needs of a new mom, what your role as a father is and the coolest part is Veteran dads come with their babies and talk about their experiences. I recommend this class for all new dads!


Need help getting your body ready for labor, prepping your cervix for a VBAC, or is your baby breech? Acupuncture can help! Amy Mager is in Northampton and runs a women’s clinic at the center for Midwifery Care at Cooley on Tuesday and Friday mornings. I personally see Amy regularly. A few other options are Radiant Point Acupuncture or
Kindreth Hamilton. I personally have not used the latter two but I have heard wonderful things about them.

Baby is Here and I Need Help!!

With breastfeeding…..

The first two weeks of breastfeeding are by far the hardest, but with the right support, you can rock this! I am available for in home consults and hands on help, just contact me and set up an appointment. If I can’t help you then you can contact:

  • Sarah Nacewicz, IBCLC 413-454-5775
  • Lex Beach, IBCLC 413-230-1631
  • Jacqueline Jones, IBCLC 413-539-0094

Grow has a breastfeeding clinic on Tuesdays where you can ask questions and get hands on help from a CLC. Grow also sells a big variety of Medela breast pump parts.

With a Lip Tie or Tongue Tie…..

I’m sorry, this can be a hard and painful start to your breastfeeding relationship. Getting help ASAP is so important and highly recommended.

Getting to know other moms with newborns……

Are you looking for a space where you can meet new moms, have a coffee and snack with a comfy place to nurse or bottle feed your baby?

One of the local parent centers are a great place to find all of that.

Getting stuff done around the house…….

Call or email me! I can help with meal prep, errands, baby care, older sibling care, laundry, basic household duties and much much more!

My service area includes in and around Boston, Central and Western MA, including Amherst, Acton, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Groton, Lincoln, Newton, Northampton and Wellesley.

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