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As a doula, I have worked with many women desiring a VBAC. There is nothing more amazing than witnessing the look on a woman’s face when she is holding her warm, wet baby that she pushed out of her vagina!


There tends to be a lot of fear surrounding VBAC’s and a woman’s ability to birth her baby. Physically you have a scar on your uterus, that’s it. Your body has healed enough for you to conceive and grow another baby. Research shows that having a VBAC is the safest option for mom and baby, and ACOG agrees.

Working through your emotions from your last birth will be the hardest part. You can move forward and prepare for your next birth once you have made peace with your last. Check out my blog post on Getting your VBAC.

I’m ready to support you on your journey, let’s get started.

“My husband and I agree that having Kristin as our doula was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Kristin’s dedicated presence at our birth was truly a gift. Her patience, skill, confidence and quiet reassurance were pivotal to our baby arriving via an unmedicated hospital VBAC. She offered us attentive support and education during pregnancy in preparation for our VBAC. She was inclusive of the needs of both my husband and I throughout the labor and delivery experience and worked seamlessly with the medical team. Kristin’s knowledge and hands on techniques helped us to usher our beautiful baby into this world and for that we are forever grateful.” -Sarah and Tinian Crawford 2014

“I came to Kristin emotionally broken from the birth experience of my first child. After 37 hours of labor I delivered my son via cesarean section and felt numb and in disbelief. I did not want the same experience, if I could help it, so I reached out to Kristin to accompany my husband and me along the journey. I knew I needed all the support I could get. What I did not realize was that I needed to heal emotionally from all that I experienced in my first labor and delivery.

Through our meetings with Kristin, prior to delivering, my husband and I were able to come to a place of letting go of the past and embracing whatever may happen in the future. I’m still in disbelief sometimes that I was able to have a successful VBAC after 57 hrs of labor and 4hrs of pushing, but one thing is for sure, I could not have done it with out the support of Kristin and her team. She worked more hours than contracted, took some beautiful pictures and was knocking on my door with in days of being home from the hospital to help teach me her unique way of swaddling and to make sure I was healing ok. In the days that followed we processed the birth and brought things full circle. I hope that if I have another baby we will be able to work together again.”

My service area includes in and around Boston, Central and Western MA, including Amherst, Acton, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Groton, Lincoln, Newton, Northampton and Wellesley.

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