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Getting your VBAC in Western MA

Getting your VBAC

You had a birth plan, you dreamed of a vaginal birth but things didn’t go as planned and you had a cesarean. You are pregnant again and the thought of a repeat cesarean isn’t your ideal birth. As a doula, I believe that birth is a normal and natural process. Yes, you have a scar on your uterus. That’s it. You aren’t broken, and you can do this. Do your research and find the right support. Here are 7 tips for achieving your VBAC!



1. This is a new baby and a different birth

2. You can move forward and prepare for your next birth once you made peace with    your last birth. Acknowledge your fears and disappointment. Acknowledge your partner’s fears and emotions around the cesarean.

3. Finding a truly supportive provider is THE most important piece! Many providers put unnecessary restrictions on VBAC moms, such as: you must have your baby by 40 weeks, nothing by mouth during labor, no pitocin under any circumstances.

None of these restrictions are evidence based for VBAC’s. Women attempting a VBAC deserve the same choices as any other women. Find the provider that wholeheartedly supports your journey.

4. Hire an EXPERIENCED Doula! Find a doula that understands and has experience with VBAC’s. It will be worth every penny. Your doula can’t birth for you, but she can help your prepare physically and mentally for a successful VBAC.

5. Move your body. Sign up for prenatal yoga. Learn how to breathe and relax your body. Can’t make it out to a class. Sign up for an amazing online prenatal and wellness program at www.birthingmama.org

6. See a CHIROPRACTOR, who is trained in the Webster technique. You can start as early as 20 weeks.

7. Acupuncture can help turn a breech baby, soften your cervix and get your body ready for birth. Make sure you see an acupuncturist that specializes in pregnancy and women’s health.

I believe in you and your body’s ability to birth your baby.

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