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Whether your goal is for an un-medicated birth or to use pain management, I am here to support you with open, non-judgmental care that will help you find bliss even when birth is different than you had hoped. My priority as a birth doula is for all parents to have a fulfilling birth experience to start their parenting journey. I serve families in Brookline, Cambridge, Newton and the surrounding area of Western and Central Massachusetts.

My Role as your Birth Doula

Education. Support. Holding the Space. Encouragement. Love.

birth doula servicesEDUCATION: I help you access the information you need to make healthy choices for your body and your baby.
SUPPORT: Through pregnancy, birth, and your first days as a new family I offer unconditional and skilled support.
SPACE: My role is to create a safe space for you to labor comfortably without fear, allowing you to follow your instincts.
ENCOURAGEMENT: When times get tough, having cheerleader on your side can make all the difference.
LOVE: I offer abundant, compassionate support through your birth and postpartum journey.

“Kristin, you made the unbearable bearable.
Thank you for being there for the birth of our son.” – New Mom, 2014

When I am your doula

birth doula care western massachusettsInvesting in professional support means investing in you, and believing in your body’s ability to birth your baby.

You will get my undivided attention, knowledge and support throughout your pregnancy and birth. I am available to meet 2-3 times during your pregnancy, at my office or in your home. Together we can create your birth plan, learn about the process of birth and talk about a postpartum wellness plan.

Planning a VBAC? Click here to see how I can help

“Throughout my entire pregnancy and after, she went tirelessly above and beyond. She made us feel very comfortable and prepared for our birth ( as much as one possibly could be with the first baby) and supported all of our decisions regarding our vision for the “perfect” birth. It just so happened that my due date was around a time that she would be gone (which we knew of well in advance) and she was very prepared with two back-up doulas and made sure I met both of them just in-case. Luckily (as in the day before she was set to leave) she was able to help us through all 37 hours of labor. She dealt with all of it without batting an eye and we do not know how we would have done it had she not been there. She was the only constant during that time, when even I wanted to quit. Without a doubt, I will have Kristin at any future births and would highly recommend her as a doula.”

What about backup doula care?

backup-doula-careI have an amazing backup doula system! I use a few different doulas who are near and dear to my heart. It differs from birth to birth and upon availability. Alli Cwalinski and I have had the pleasure of co-doulaing at births together.

My service area includes in and around Boston, Central and Western MA, including Amherst, Acton, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Groton, Lincoln, Newton, Northampton and Wellesley.

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