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10 Ways to a Healthy Vulva


What’s up down there? Knowing about your body is important, and knowing how to take care of it is even more important. First and foremost. how well do you know your vulva? Taking regular peeks at       your vulva is the first step to staying healthy. Once you get a lay of the land you will know if something doesn’t feel or look right, if your vulva smells different or there are strange bumps you have never seen before.

Here are my top 10 tips for a happy and healthy vulva!

1. Cotton is a must! Cotton underwear is airy and your vagina needs to breathe! Try to avoid tight non-breathable underwear like polyester or lace and thongs that can cause irritation or infections. I know spanx are the new thing to help you have a nice sexy looking butt and belly, but let’s be honest there is nothing sexier than a happy and healthy vagina!

2. Vaginal steam baths are like a facial for your lady parts. They help cleanse and tone your uterus, cervix and vaginal walls. They can be help infertility, painful periods, scarring from c-sections, hemorrhoids, bladder and yeast infections and perineal tears.

3. Pee before and after having sex. This can help prevent urinary tract infections, which can happen when bacteria is pushed into the urethra during sex.

4. Condoms, use them religiously if you are not in a committed relationship. Not only will it help prevent pregnancy, it help help lower your chances of vaginal infections and STD’s.

5. Douching……to douche or not to douche that is the question. I say NO! Douching strips away the good bacteria in your vagina, bacteria that it needs to stay healthy. Your vagina is a self cleaning organ, you have natural and normal discharge that automatically get rid of whatever shouldn’t be in there.

6. Landscaping your labia. The choice to trim, shave or have a pube do (seriously though, some African tribes braid their pubic hair to communicate their married status), is an extremely personal one. Some feel fresher down there between showers. Some choose the all natural bush. Either way, there is nothing that says that one way or the other is better. Go with what feels right to you.

7. Cleaning your vagina with mild unscented soap is ok, but don’t rub or put too much pressure on your delicate parts. Make sure to get all the little nooks and crannies when cleaning.

8. Wiping, after doing your business, wipe from front to back until the paper comes back clean. Care about you hiney, then use a moist toilette or cloth, that is chemical free for an extra clean feeling.

9. Kegals! Does your vagina workout? If not it should! Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can help with bladder control, and can be essential to your intimate health. Start small and do 5 every time you go to the bathroom.

10. Visit your Gyno! Once you are sexually active, take the time every year or two if you are in a committed relationship to have someone take a look down there. Paps may not be comfortable, but they are relatively quick and painless and worth it!



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